Marya Stark Announces Debut Album


Contact: Marya Stark
Phone: 602-881-3553

SANTA CRUZ, CA – “From the sunny coast of Santa Cruz, California, multi-instrumentalist /composer, songwriter and singer, Marya Stark delivers everything I’ve been begging for since I first heard artists like Bjork and Amel Larrieux. Marya’s debut album “The Garden is a ‘timeless work of art’, a collection of 13 songs ranging in influence from classical aria, pop music, and cinematic indie folk. Each song blossoms, carving its own unique aesthetic world.

“The Garden” features lush string arrangements, pounding orchestral drum sections, and operatic vocal sections to name a few. On songs like “Witness” and “Lightening In A Bottle”, Marya takes singing to a whole different dimension, showcasing vocal control unheard by any of today’s top major label singers, all the while her hope-filled anthems, dynamic musicality and expansive emotional landscapes show the many facets of a passionate, awakening heart.

If I could give both Marya Stark and her album, The Garden, a 10 out of 4 I would. By far one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2012 (Top 5), this project made my hair stand up in utter amazement at how musically, vocally, and sonically incredible The Garden is.