Marian Marie Releases New Single From Her Second Album: “Now I’m Free”

Marian Marie Releases New Single From Her Second Album: “Now I’m Free”


Los Angeles, CA — May 24, 2016 — Soulful singer/songwriter Marian Marie’s latest release, “Now I’m Free”’ is a powerful neo-soul anthem that is destined to inspire.

The LA based R&B performer released her first album, “Simply Me”, in 2008 and is back with another hit from her forth-coming, second album.

With a memorable beat and a palpable sense of freedom, the mid-tempo groove is set to capture the hearts of many and encourage people to embrace that “it’s never too late to walk in your God-given purpose”. “Now I’m Free” is a feel-good summer jam that uplifts just as much as it renews faith.

Watching her parents, singer and keyboardist Mose Marion Ensley Jr and vocalist Beatrice Marie Ensley, rehearse, Marian was inspired to create her own music and become a star in her own right.

The follow-up single is a big vocal, orchestra-like ballad, “I Found My Way Back”, and describes Marian’s personal journey back to her purpose. With soulful vocals that come straight from the heart, Marian exudes effortless emotion and touches on the poignancy of her own journey.

Marian’s name means “star of the sea” and she has flourished in the spotlight from the age of fourteen when she premiered in her father’s band ME & Friends. Working for a period as a director at Vibe Magazine, Marian was always set to return to her first love of singing. With aspirations for greatness, she continued to perform with ME & Friends, headlining the Culver Club and performing at weddings, churches and high profile events, including nationally televised basketball games at UCLA and the Staple Center.

A multi-talented performer, Marian contributed as executive producer as well as musician and song-writer on her first album, “Simply Me”, and has a background in piano and violin. Lyrically, her music never fails to be emotive, honest and pure, eliciting motivation and hope in her fans. “Now I’m Free” invites you to dream in the way you did as a child, find your God-given purpose and “walk in it!”

Marian is now ready to take on the world with her second album. The single, “Now I’m Free” will be released on Tuesday, May 24th 2016.

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