MacVenac’s ‘imMACulate VErNACular’ Gets May Release Date

MacVenac’s ‘imMACulate VErNACular’ Gets May Release Date

New Album Out Soon


Charlotte, North Carolina – April 28, 2017 – The world is a grand place with billions of people passing one another by on a daily basis, but for one reason or another an academic and an Army man came together to form a hip hop duo with an alternative twist. Comprised of Sticky the Professor and Salute the Savage, MacVenac was born several years ago thanks to a fiery way with words when it came to freestyling. Knowing they each had the chops they decided to take it a step further with their passion. Now they’re ready to release their upcoming album, imMACulate VErNACular in May 2017.

Noting their style, describing themselves as either the white Outkast or hip hop’s answer to Simon and Garfunkel, “We’re heavily content driven, relying on great lyrics that promote positivity and the pursuit of one’s passion, focusing on self belief without all the egocentric braggadocio that has befallen our art-form,” adding, “We believe in focusing on the message we deliver through vivid storytelling while simultaneously using our linguistic talents to get optimistic mantras stuck in people’s heads.”

Recognised by ReverbNation and Skilly Magazine, MacVenac have performed at a handful of showcases, have opened for Shwayze, and will headline their own show in June after the release of imMACulate VErNACular. This release follows two highly successful, independently produced mixtapes, Chronicles 1 and 2.

Two men coming together as one, MacVenac is a unique hip hop treat.

Those interested in getting an advanced copy for review, or those who are interested in interviewing MacVenac can get in touch via the information below.


MacVenac could be considered hip hop’s answer to Simon and Garfunkel, a fantastic duo that presents an alternative twist on the genre. They have a new album, imMACulate VErNACular, due out May 2017.


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