MaC Dee’s Evolving Sound

MaC Dee’s Evolving Sound

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Greensboro, North Carolina – September 30, 2017 – A few years can do wonders for a person in terms of change. That’s exactly how many years it’s been since MaC Dee started getting his feet wet in the world of hip-hop.

The year he could legally walk into a bar was the same 365 days he spent getting his act together. He didn’t drop one album. He pushed out two. Time Machine Muzik and Cloud 5 were released, and from there MaC Dee has only continued to release music and grow as an artist. One can hear the evolution in his sound from Time Machine Muzik through his latest, 2017’s 4 Ol’ Time Sake and July 14th.

16 songs deep, 4 Ol’ Time Sake takes listeners on an extensive sonic ride. From the “Intro” to the bonus tracks tacked on at the end. That album made its debut in February 2017. Just a handful of months later MaC Dee was at it again with the follow-up, July 14th. An EP this time. The album was a trio of tracks that acted like the dessert after the feast that came before it.

MaC Dee’s introduction to hip-hop was spawned by his love of poetry that formed during his junior year of high school. Sometime later he put that skill together with his voice he’d found in college and began working on his rhymes. Only a year after he started he was already performing in 2015. Playing a healthy amount in Charlotte, North Carolina – he’s a regular at 360 Lounge.

Inspired by the likes of Biggie, Outkast and a myriad of others MaC Dee hopes to follow in their musical steps. Those interested in adding either of MaC Dee’s 2017 releases to their playlists or speaking with him about his career thus far can get in touch via the information provided below.


MaC Dee is a 24-year-old rapper from North Carolina whose love of poetry spawned into a rap career when he was in college. A few albums and mixtapes later he’s shown a significant amount of growth from his 2014 debut to his two latest 2017 releases.

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