Love and Adventure in Eccentric Moments

Love and Adventure in Eccentric Moments


Los Angeles, California – Encatre is a composer and musician from Los Angeles and a current member of the Grammy’s Recording Academy. His musical inspiration comes from a variety of styles including jazz, classic rock and latin music. Although decades apart, Encatre was influenced by past jazz composers like Ellington and Basie and by the current unique style of guitarist work from U2’s the Edge. The ethnic diversity of Los Angeles also played a role in influencing Encatre’s interest in incorporating world music instrumentation. The result is a musical style that creates a blend of dance, electronic, latin, and smooth jazz sound that is both for easy listening and dance.

Encatre’s current release, Eccentric Moments, offers a retrospective look at those more memorable events and people we briefly encounter on life’s journey. For example, Stiletto Swan is about one night at the LA club scene where a vivacious blonde burned the dance floor to the point where she would end up having a song written about her. Her Wicked Charm captures that initial gut feeling when a guy approaches a woman knowing that she is as hot as she is toxic. To create that leery feeling, the guitar and organ notes are purposely made to sound a bit warped to paint the picture of the dance that is about to begin. Pulsate is an energetic tune that reminds listeners of the excitement that comes from new experiences.

Eccentric Moments is available at all online music stores including iTunes and Amazon.


Contact: Ron Monard.
Phone: 948-230-0583.

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