Lizarazo EP – Release

Contact: Tomas Salazar
Phone: (970) 405-9028


Contact:Julio Tomas Salazar-Turriago

First-Caste Records Presents: Lizarazo EP  
(San Antonio)- First-Caste Records is proud to announce the release of Lizarazo’s(Tomas Salazar)first self-titled EP. The young Colombian producer is a classical guitar graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Lizarazo has been making beats since his freshman year in college. With the use of various recording techniques and production software,he has managed to fuse worldwide genres that have heavily influenced him throughout his life.His Debut EP, Desde Los Cielos, was released in December of 2012 and drew the attention of many listeners world-wide.

Lizarazo spent most of his life living overseas in Doha, Qatar. During his time living in the Persian Gulf,and his travels through Europe back to South America, he was very much intrigued and influenced by the different sounds, instruments, and tongues that he encountered. The music of the world inspired him to try something new in production and express his memories and experiences into something that had physical presence and meaning. In this case that something was music.

The Lizarazo – EP is now available digitally on First-Caste Records.