Contact: steve bourland
Phone: 7634430107

WOODSTOCK, VA – It would probably be easier if we told you what LilStevie doesn’t do, but Steve is an MC, producer, director, and editor. And his journey has been anything but painless. Like many kids, Steve wanted to be “cool. But as hard as he tried, he never graduated past being that “weird White kid that didn’t say much. He tried to get attention by making people laugh, but he never thought anything was funny. He wrote songs for his drug addicted father, but got no love. Stuck in a world of confusion and frustration, Steve did not see much of a future. His teachers, family and many friends did nothing but reinforce the feelings that he wouldn’t amount to anything; especially if he continued to waste his time producing music. Despite the lack of support from anyone but himself, Steve knew that his raw talent to rhyme would one day allow him to spit in the face of all of his critics. And his “Low life Father” As he would call him. Steve battled with alot of things and found a way to express his emotions in his music and welcomes you to the life of LilStevie.