Lil Darkne$$ & Donno New Single Available Now

Lil Darkne$$ & Donno New Single Available Now


Chicago, Illinois – February 20, 2017 – Lil Darkne$$ & Donno just released their new new single “TNH” that will be on their upcoming debut EP Motivated Without Procrastinating this October. In the mean time, music lovers would be able to hear their first single on YouTube, Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, Google Play and more and that is something that everyone can enjoy and even throw parties too.

Lil Darkne$$ & Donno, although they are new artist, work day and night on perfecting their craft, which includes producing, writing, and engineering their music. These artists consider it not only a full time job, but also something that they are very passionate about. After all, the artists behind Tnh Production, lyrics and visuals is creative enough to come up with ways on how they can make a new wave of Chicago style music than just the traditional drill rap and beats that has influenced other artists and producers around the world, more entertainment and more classic samples just with the new generation sound enough to capture the attention of its listeners.

Exciting is the best word to use in describing the new single “TNH” by Lil Darkne$$ & Donno. The artists believe they would be able to connect to the people and bring a new mixture of classic, party, drill, trap, and R&B that the listeners would love to listen to. More than anything else, they wish to bring excitement to those who would be purchasing “TNH” or the upcoming EP.

Download and stream “TNH” here you can find the iTunes and Google Play in the description here.


Lil Darkne$$ & Donno
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