Level 3 Music Group LLC.


Contact: Daniel Clark
Phone: 4058121123
Email: danielclark09@yahoo.com

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The Level 3 Music Group is an independent label founded in 2013 by Kevin Posey, a native Oklahoman. Kevin Posey is very talented and an aspiring “Super Producer”. He has a very wide range of music genres under his belt consisting of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Raggae Tone, Country, etc. and graduated with an education in the field of music. The group has artist from basically every genre previosuly named and very hopeful up and coming artist such as KiddO, Courtney Camacho, Venom, and Enimi. Music from these artist can be found at http://Reverbnation.com/Level3MusicGroupLLC where they also have individual profiles listed. Artist/Proders such as Kevin Posey have been given the spotlight by music websites like HipHopOklahoma.com and interviewed on local music shows. With popularity growing in the Oklahoma City area it is very apparent that there is tons of talent oozing from this music group. The only lacking attribute is simple, Press. Since Oklahoma is a very difficult place to gain followers in genres other than country and even harder to receive any actual national recogntion with them being located in the “Bible-Belt”. The genres in which are desired by most of these artist; “the going gets tough”. Likewise, “the tough get going”, and they continue to thrive in this rapidly growing city. Once their music is heard and their presence is felt they gain die hard fans. As long as they continue to create amazing music then very soon one would presume they will get the attention they deserve.