Landon Huber’s Amazing and Ingenious Music Searching for some RIPE EARS!


Landon Huber
(480) 313-7553
Tempe, Arizona

In the Winter of 2013, Landon Huber, an independent, unsigned, yet highly creative musician released an album Independently that many people searching for interesting new music may not yet be aware of. As of now Landon Huber is not a touring musician and prefers to spend his (limited) time creating Music in the Studio. He is currently at work on a new album which is a collaboration with 2 other independent musicians from Arizona called, Robots in the Zone.

The upcoming Robots in the Zone album combines both Rock and Rap/Hip hop Influences together and will tentatively have it’s debut in Fall of 2014. On the album Creature of Emotion, one thing you will not find is repetitiveness, something which is all too pervasive in  so called “modern” music these days. Instead of that you might hear a highly experimental and personal Album which spans moods, styles, and Time Period Influences. More important to notice though than the time period in which the style of any given song on the Album may have been influenced by, is the original and unique way in which Landon Huber combines these influences to create something of his own. 14 Original Songs with a touch of genius and a large spectrum of emotion. Landon Huber truly is a Creature of Emotion.

To Listen to Tracks from Creature of Emotion for free just go to his Youtube page here…

In addition to music, Landon is also an accomplished Visual Artist. He Makes an usual form of art he calls…”Dark Surrealism,” which can be seen on his deviant art page by going to the link below. Check Him Out Man! It’ll be worth your while.

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