King Bizzie is most definitely a man with a masterplan



Florida — September 18, 2015 — King Bizzie makes a major stamp with his new project “AlphaManiac”. If you are a true hip hop fan, this is definitely a guy to keep on eye on.

Born in New Haven Connecticut, King Bizzie has been rapping since a young man. Moving back and forth from Connecticut and Florida, he has adapted and incorporated both regions in his music. Incredible, mind stimulating content is what he delivers and comes through on every song.

Listening to all the “Greats” from Tupac, to Biggie, to Lox and many other artists, Bizzie has gained a solid understanding of what Rap should sound like. He also loves listening to southern hip hop including Future, Young Jeezy, and Soulja Slim. He lives by the motto, Life’s too short to be complaining all the time as he stated in his most recent interview. His fanbase is growing daily and labels have been contacting him also!

In the near future, King Bizzie will be releasing a few mixtapes and videos for his recently completed debut Album AlphaManiac! Stay tuned for all the upcoming blogs and magazines interested in this guy. Very intense visuals to complete the AlphaLand/AlphaManiac Campaign.

If you like Rap with all heat and bars of pain, life lessons, trials and tribulations, King Bizzie will be the cause of you being on the edge of your seat! The lane he’s created is magnificent and simply genius. Critics are calling his music some of the best they have heard in a while so stay tuned and download the new Album from King Bizzie-AlphaManiac! You will definatly be surprised and satified. Great Project!

You can visit to stream the Album and other songs Bizzie has released with other local and even international artists. Check him out! You can Download it on iTunes, Your GooglePlayStore, Amazon, and Spotify! His website is under construction and will be up and running within the next few weeks.


King Bizzie


#ACTIVE #JustAMatterOfTime #KeepGodFirst King Bizzie is deffinately more than just another rapper. The vivid lyrics and heartfelt content this… ...Read More

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