New Music from Kick Flip Hendrix is Set for July

New Music from Kick Flip Hendrix is Set for July


Austin, Texas – June 7, 2016 – Kick Flip Hendrix is now born and climbing the social celebrity sound charts in music everywhere. A four star product in originality, composure, quality, sound, and production. This hidden treasure of music is finally available to all those who want a new enjoyment in life.

Kick Flip Hendrix has a well known sound in the Southwest United States of America, its modern rhythm and blues sounds stretches from Beijing China to Los Angeles, California. These talented individuals have published and released there first full length album No Naps and the Sugar Rush back in 2013, there new and upcoming album Lonely Tear Drops of the Sun is due for release July 26, 2016. These great songs can be found in many places online by free download sites on google, but one must really own the library of 36 released songs to be a true collector of history being made.

“When the moon shines on the people, the soul will find its way,” adding, “a sound for all ages and music lovers to enjoy,” says Logic Artist Magazine.

In all effort to establish a product of well known social sound, Kick Flip Hendrix is one who has touched the hearts and souls of many individuals all over the planet. Many A&R professionals stay in effort to help the band expand there creation, it has yet to be know weather the band has signed on any business proposals. Staying independent they stay fresh and under the radar until the day its recognized to expose the modern alternative genre of hip soul music.


Created in 2012, Kick Flip Hendrix is a naturally inspired group made up of three individuals. The body of Kick Flip Hendrix is known for their creative and emotional shows and sounds which sell countless numbers of CD units and accessories. There success is on full throttle and speeding up to get the attention of all music lovers everywhere.

Kick Flip Hendrix
Moses Alvarez
11917 Van Gogh, El Paso TX 79936

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