Keymono Offers An Eclectic Mix Of Neo-Soul, Electronica, And Avant Garde Jazz On “Time Capsule”!

Keymono Offers An Eclectic Mix Of Neo-Soul, Electronica, And Avant Garde Jazz On “Time Capsule”!


London, United Kindgdom — February 22, 2016 — Led by soft, emotional vocals and backed by quick, carefully tailored electronic beats, the music of Lithuanian band Keymono offers a fresh take on the soul and electronica genres. Their latest album, “Time Capsule”, is a nine-track collection of airy, uplifting tracks that never stays in one place for long. For Keymono, the new album, with a January 31 st  release date, is an extension of their short, but widely recognized career.

Hailing from Lithuania, Keymono is a four-piece Soul/Electronica outfit consisting of Alvydas Maciulskas (drum machines, keyboards, sax, flute), Daiva Starinskaite (vocals, percussion, lyrics), Aurimas Rimeikis (trumpet, keys, percussion) and Marijus Aleksa (drums). Now based in London, their music, a unique blend of Soul, Jazz, and Electronica that represents a seamless array of unlikely genres. By incorporating electronic instruments with the classic sound of real instruments, Keymono’s music creates a sonic atmosphere that rests on the verge of ethereal.

Recognized globally for their creativity, Keymono has accumulated a number of awards throughout the years including “Best Song of the Year” from the Online Music Awards for their track titled “Everything” as well as winning “Best Album of the Year” at the T.E.T.E Alternative Music Awards. In 2013, the band signed with EMC/Sony and released an album comprised of tracks from their two previous albums, Waiting (2010) and Synthezatorium (2011). Lauded for its supreme vocal range and shifting melodies, Keymono’s music continues to be a driving force in Electronic music.

Recorded at their “Traveling Studio”, most of their 2016 album “Time Capsule” was recorded in a studio residing within the deep forests of Lithuania. In order to capture the true ambiance of their music, some of it was recorded in the forest itself. Depicted on the album’s artwork, “Time Capsule” is a representation of the beauty residing within the Lithuanian wilderness, which according to the band “Kind of happened telepathically, as the Artist who drew the artwork hadn’t been there.” Living up to its name, Time Capsule represents a point in space and time where everything stops, creating a void in which the listener can truly appreciate care put into creating the album.

In addition to the release of “Time Capsule”, Keymono plans to launch a tour spanning Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia in March, as well as a European tour in late spring. They will also be featured in numerous festivals during the 2016 festival season.

Available at, “Time Capsule” is a must-have for fans of Ambient Electronic with a deep appreciation for Neo-Soul compositions.


For more information on Keymono, “Time Capsule”, and the band’s upcoming tour, check out their website at

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