Kent Holmes Starts Anew in the Pop World

Kent Holmes Starts Anew in the Pop World

From Jazz to Mainstream


Culver City, California – November 3, 2016 – Everyone is influenced one way or another by where they called home while growing up. Be it having an impact on their personal beliefs, career or in Kent Holmes’ case, his sound. Born and raised in Louisiana, Kent went from a boy to a man with Jazz deeply rooted in his core. So that’s the route he traveled for much of his life when he picked up music. That was until he decided to undergo a style makeover and give pop a try with his latest singles, “Home” and “Fly Away.”

Hailing from the south, Kent spent much of his earlier days singing in the church. When he found jazz and started utilizing his talents, he moved on and performed at various Jazz clubs in the area. With a move to Los Angeles, a new sound emerged from him and today he spends his time focusing on developing his pop sound, all while performing in as many LA venues he can.

Kent will soon head off to New York on November 12 for the Independent Music Awards. He will then stay for awhile to perform around the Big Apple. Those interested in having Kent out for a showcase this month in New York City and the surrounding areas can contact him via the information below.

“Home” and “Fly Away” are available now on iTunes.


Kent Holmes grew up in Louisiana with Jazz in his blood, but in recent years he moved to Southern California to try his hand at pop. It seems to be working thus far as his singles, “Home” and “Fly Away,” are currently getting spins on the radio.

Kent Holmes
Culver City, CA


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