It Is Officially “#TurnUpSeason”

It Is Officially “#TurnUpSeason”


Tallahassee, Florida – January 24, 2017 – Kanessa welcomes listeners to the show, encore, and backstage. The party and the after party. The suite and the walk of shame. The Midwest Madam is somewhere between your left and right ear…lost in translation. Everything she says has a story, everything she does has a purpose. It’s time to take the seat belt off and enjoy the RISE. It’s officially “#TurnUpSeason.”

With classes being in session that means homecomings, parties, dances, and many other (school affiliated and unaffiliated) activities and events will be happening for students and communities to where the point is to “turn up.” K.E. on the Track has called her talented, and Pete Bassett simply said of the track that he loved it!

Cousin of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Muddy Waters, who many know as portrayed by Jeffery Wright in the movie Cadillac Records, rising (female) hip-hop artists, Kanessa establishes that not only talent, but also the love for a good time, just about anytime, with a little controversy, runs deep and mixes well within her with the appropriately titled two part debut “#TurnUpSeason” is available now via SoundCloud for free, streaming and download.


Born in Kansas City, MO, raised in Kennett, MO and residing all over the Midwest and South in her adult years, the 23-year-old’s unique voice and Midwest/Southern sound has garnered the attention of industry heavyweights like Pete Basset, producer K.E. On The Track, and Hip Hop Weekly magazine.



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