Just a girl tryin to make a dollar


Contact: JessRose
Phone: 8054419026
Email: jessicaroselius@yahoo.com

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA – Jess Rose is a lone ranger looking for a team… This singer/songwriter has created all her own acoustic melodies and lyrical voice in writing. Even though she offers her talent as a songwriter and singer to people/or bands who need the extra help or more lady vocals, she searches for a band to actively play with.
Jess Rose came from the city of big D little a double LL A S. A city girl stuck in the south made her way to California looking for bigger and better things. In California she found a beats man, and a rapping friend and together they made sweet hip/hop-rap music. Without having all the recording resources Jess recorded in the closet and produced the tracks on her computer. Jess’ music friends went separate ways after college and she has been searching ever since.
With a wide range of musical ability and understanding, Jess should have no problem being contacted by the world. If you need a melody created or a songwriter and female vocals for your recording? This is your girl. You’re an acoustic band and need a female vocalist? This is your girl.
Check her out at: www.soundcloud.com/jessica-roselius
(You will find both the acoustic and rap/hip-hop music there.)