Josie Jackson Drops ‘The Choices We Make’

Josie Jackson Drops ‘The Choices We Make’

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London, England – April 23, 2018 – Country music doesn’t just reside in Nashville and Texas. Josie Jackson proves that those overseas can and do produce noteworthy country tunes on her debut, The Choices We Make.

Released April 2017, The Choices We Make is an honest country record that spans 14 tracks. From the opening track that draws listeners in, “Suddenly,” to “Hope (Somewhere out There)” that holds the middle up high, to the picture perfect ending of “Second Half.” Each song represents who Josie is not only as a singer and performer but as well as a songwriter and producer as she wears every hat on this album. Noting, “I have the skills to do that. It just means that I get to do it how I want and not what others want. I don’t follow industry puppets. I’m my own artist.”

Singing since she was five in numerous choirs from schools to churches, Josie Jackson spent her earlier years performing as a singer and later as a trained actor. In 2006 her life took a turn for the better after watching an interview with her favorite, Jesse McCartney. The way he spoke of songwriting ignited something in Josie. Soon after she put pen to paper and today runs her own indie label; Boss Ninja Records.

The Choices We Make is out now, but soon enough her sophomore album, Walking in the Shadows, will be released on digital platforms on November 10th 2018. It’ll deliver her signature country sound with hints of indie rock sewn throughout. Between then and now Josie is working on putting together a show that’ll benefit a children’s charity, as well as playing other shows in her local area.

Those interested in reviewing The Choices We Make, or featuring any of her music on their playlists, or interviewing Josie can reach out via the information provided below.


Josie Jackson is a country artist based out of London with one album out now, and one on the way.

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