Jordan Lake – ‘Consistency’ Album


Contact: Jordan Lake
Phone: 206-947-3112

SEATTLE, WA – Twenty-one years of age has brought more than just a sequel album for the Seattle Pop artist, Jordan Lake. Two years after his independent release, “A Collection of the Past (2008 LP), production plans for follow-up album, “Consistency, launched in Summer of 2011. Teaming up with producers Brian Fennell and Brian Eickelberger (Barcelona “Absolutes 2009 LP), Lake’s soloist approach evolved into a brand new sound.

Initially presenting himself as a solo acoustic artist, Lake has undergone a new direction for the foundation of his next release.

“From the very first time I presented these new songs to my producers, we really tried to imagine them beyond the form of a singer/songwriter approach,” says Lake. “In saying that, we also didn’t want to take these songs so far to the other side that they would become over-produced and lose their intimacy with the listener.”

Comparing these twelve tracks side by side, it can be heard that each song almost carries its own genre, while still relating to one another as a cohesive record. Pop hits such as “The Right Time” and “The Truth” present a radio-friendly quality, exemplify Lake’s peak of melodic hooks and memorable lyrics. There is even a surprising twang of folk/pop found in upbeat tunes such as “My Harmony.” At a softer dynamic, “No More Disguise and “Her Wedding Day are categories in themselves of mature lyrical feats and delicate emotion. There is truly something for everybody on this record.

Talking about the latter songs, Lake speaks about the production process in the studio:

“We intentionally left those two songs pretty raw on the record, recording both guitar and vocals at the same time, all in one take. Leaving in some of those imperfections of a live recording really brought the songs down to a more authentic level, which allowed the focus not to be on the product but rather the lyrics and the song itself.”

Lake’s personal approach to songwriting and his storyteller lyrics are very apparent in both of his albums. Demonstrating his abilities as a songwriter and strong will in his personality, it will be exciting to see the success that “Consistency,” will bring to his career.