Jokatech of J-Team Inc. Releases “Magnum Opus” to the Public.

Jokatech of J-Team Inc. Releases “Magnum Opus” to the Public.

Magnum Opus – Release Announcement


Announcing the release of a album titled, “Magum Opus: Res Ipsa Loquitur,” by the artist Jokatech. The artist- Jason K. Addae, has been involved with music for over a decade professionally, but has been an avid musician from young childhood. This album is the 12 album released by him since 2006, with his first single being released in 2003. This project is a grand tour of his career, and primarily, his message and gift to the art community.

For many years, Jason K. Addae has been involved with literature, visual art, and music to a high degree. He grew up in The Bronx, NY, attending college in Harlem, NY. He’s a proud member of the medical field, having become an imaging specialist in various modalities of the field of radiology. His secular profession never seemed to hinder his non-stop pursuit of artistic creation. He constantly participated in National Poetry Contests, releasing compilations along the way. This earned him Editor’s Choice awards, and Third Prize in January 2008. He has also hosted art galleries showcasing his passion for creating paintings, of which he has dozens.

When it comes to Magnum Opus, this album is a culmination of all of these pursuits. One thing that Jokatech has always been passionate about is art education. For years, he has been disturbed to see a decline in art appreciation, and in art and music programs in the schools. Society today treats the arts as negligible, when in truth, it is as ever present and important as the air we breath. Every day, you wake up and you hear several rhythms, and see several paintings in every day life. Magnum Opus is about appreciating every moment. It’s about asking yourself, “When is the last time I burst into song?” It’s about getting back in touch with the part of all of us that realizes the necessity for music and for beauty.

This record takes the listener on a trip through a range of emotions, in ways that music has all but forgotten over time. It’s not about the artist flaunting himself before you, or performing and emotionless academic exercise. This album is about the listener, and going on a journey as one. It’s designed to dare you to sing, or hum out improvisation of your own, over the instrumentals, or learn the message behind the lyrics and notes. It’s a double disc album that is loaded with all kinds of content, from books, to artwork, to games. The content is all integrated, and designed as a course to get the listener to exercise their ability to listen and decipher messages that may not be spoon fed to them.

And without a doubt, this album is about enjoyment and positive energy. It isn’t just a sob-fest, or just a dance record. The artist  of this work wants it to live on in the listener and bring about a lasting change. You’ll dance, and laugh, and perhaps cry. It is also to be followed up by a much anticipated novel in the future under the same head title, “Magnum Opus.”

The first part of the album- “Those Silent,” is available on Itunes. The complete work is available at this time in very limited physical copies. The company or artist can be contacted for purchasing information.

Company: J-Team Inc.
Artist: Jokatech


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