JoeyNiles Drops “Enemy” on Christmas Eve

JoeyNiles Drops “Enemy” on Christmas Eve

New Metal Single Out Soon


Woodland Park, New Jersey – November 12, 2018 – JoeyNiles has been playing in bands since the days when E.T. phoned home and it shows. His latest single, “Enemy,” brings forth a sound fans of ’80s heavy metal can headbang in appreciation to.

The adrenaline pumps vigorously through every chord as “Enemy” presents a whirlwind of guitar-filled highlights. Not to be outdone, JoeyNiles does not falter when it comes to the vocals. Like the musical child of Ozzy and Freddie Mercury, JoeyNiles has the metal on lock while cradling a stellar vibrato that takes “Enemy” to the next level.

“Enemy” is the second single JoeyNiles dropped in 2018. The first being June’s “Death Has No Friends.” He couldn’t leave the year without entertaining metalheads once more and will do so just before the world rings in 2019 with “Enemy” officially dropping December 24, 2018, alongside a new music video.

Any hardcore metal fans interested in featuring “Enemy” on their playlists, on their sites, or interviewing JoeyNiles about “Enemy” can reach out via the information provided below.


JoeyNiles is a metalhead that spent the ’80s in a number of bands, but is now on his own with his second single of 2018, the thrashing “Enemy.”

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