Jaq Lion Drops ‘Inaugyouration’ EP

Jaq Lion Drops ‘Inaugyouration’ EP

New Video for “Forest Fires” Out Now


North Hollywood, California – May 16, 2017 – Having been around the world, and lived everywhere from the Golden Coasts of California to South Korea to Germany, hip hop artist Jaq Lion has been able to absorb a variety of styles to incorporate into what he does. An eclectic style rolled up into his rhymes allowed for his latest EP, Inaugyouration.

Like Drake, Jaq doesn’t just rap but can also carry a tune. A singer that takes inspiration from a variety of places including the opera stage, this unique artist truly brings more to the table than himself. He notes, “I am also able to riff soulfully through notes and words to better convey the emotion in a track.” That emotion can be heard thoroughly on his latest release, Inaugyouration, as well as in his latest single “Forest Fires.”

In addition to his worldly sound, Jaq has also made his mark in the performance ring in the Southern California scene. He’s performed across Los Angeles and Orange Country with High Sunday and Genocide Entertainment. On top of that, he’s done a number of stage performances; both operatic and musical. He’s also taken the show on the road hitting stages from the Pacific Northwest to Hawaii to South America and Italy.

Jaq has also begun working on music with Gina D’Acciaro under the name Jaq-n-Gina. He is also still performing, writing and recording music under the Genocide Entertainment label.

Those interested in adding “Forest Fires” or Inaugyouration as a whole to their playlists, reviewing the EP, interviewing Jaq or anything else – can get in touch via the information provided below.


Jaq Lion is a versatile hip hop artist who also carries his voice in a soulful manner on his latest EP, Inaugyouration.

Jaq Lion
Jaq Galliano

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