James Autry aka Razzi


Contact: James Autry
Phone: (352) 484-5290
Email: hotboy1709@yahoo.com

OCALA, FL – Wow! Ocala Rap Artist/Co-Producer. Born on August 25,1987. “James Autry” also known as “razzi” his local street name. has an unbelievable story to tell the music industry.But by him being a small town citizien, his is honored to be apart of the SNS On Da Grind movement.And he is also willing to start his career off from the bottom so he can work his way up to the top,Cause he feels that grinding is way more important then shining! The quote he’s Been living by every since he lost his older brother “Octavious Savonte Frazier” in 2001 by being hit by a deputy police car.

Not only he’s a “rapper” who grew up in a house of 9, But Mr. Autry has also been incarcerated 3 times in the past years which really inspired him he say,instead of making his Y.O. sentence turn into a complete down fall. Now i know yall is wondering…how did he get this far in the game ?

Well, James started rappin when he was incarcerated in Gainesville, Fl beginning year of 2007. Mr. Autry had others hobbies such as playin basketball,working out, or watching his fellow inmates play a couple games of tunk and spades. While he waits for chow to come, or him and his friend hollywood from fort. myers would just sit on eachother bunks and talk about the streets. But never thought that he would end up with a pen and a beat. Until one day he was over hearing a group of inmates rap there songs off the county doors on the wreck yard. Suddenely, later on that night after lights was out. Mr. Autry decided to grab one of his pen’s and pad’s to see if he can try to come up with a rap. But since he couldn’t come up with his own beat, he just used one of “plies” song called “kno somethin” off his 100% real nigga album and turned it into a county jail hit Called “rob’n na”. And the same night he let his side bunky hear it. And did he like it! So by the time lunch came the next day, everybody wanted to hear him spit it, but he never told a soul.

So to make a long story short, Mr. Autry is now released to soceity. Not knowing he was gonna come out to be on any probation. But yet, did that stop him ? No! he is still on his grind that is combined into a whole new grind,New Hit Single “Speedball” Coming Soon To The Streets Near You, Story to be continued…
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