iQ Drops ‘Aye Q Part 1’

iQ Drops ‘Aye Q Part 1’


Waco, Texas – June 22, 2016 – Unapologetic, unscripted, raw, energetic and expressive lyricism from start to finish. Dare say hip hop has been reborn and Tupac’s resurrection has come to pass. iQ has extraordinary potential and a ceiling yet to be determined.

iQ originally from Shreveport, LA has been making waves  after only a few short months he’s climbed the charts and established himself as a serious musician. Songs such as “Sirens Outside,” “Flava” and “Different Day” from his latest project Aye Q Part 1  have certainly impressed. An engineer employed at the Six Shooter Junction Eric Dane noted to iQ, “I don’t know what you’re going to do with it, but I’m behind it and you a hundred percent.”

The hype has been built, the expectations are high and there’s nothing left to do but to listen and cast judgement. Now, if this isn’t something fans can listen to over and over again, hip hop may not be their genre of music because this is hip hop to the core. The essence created by iQ on this release is not to be ignored as its one of those albums that defines not only a gene, but a generation with sound, style and ease.

Those interested in hearing more from iQ and checking out his latest release, can check him out online.


iQ is an up and coming hip hop emcee who has just release Aye Q Part 1, an album that expresses the best rap has to offer today.

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