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livingston, La — June 21, 2018 — B.D.Kold grew up in a small working-class community and with both parents working, he found his way as a troublemaker at an early age.

Lucky to be alive, he begins to search for his purpose in life, and over the ensuing years rapping became his passion and what he decided he wanted his career path to be. But again, in pursuing rap on the local scene he came into contact with the ways of street life which induced, a then naïve youngster like himself, to want to earn respect and money via the drug trade just like everybody else seemed to be doing.

After years of battling multiple addictions and countless run-ins with the law, in 2014 he entered into a disciple program a few towns distant from where he grew up. He began to learn the word and biblical precepts God began to put it in his heart, to reach the people that were like he once was. This elevated B.D.Kold’s attitude to a positive and uplifting one and fired up the approach to his music.

Now that he has focused his perspective, he needs to gain people’s attention to bring them the message. That is the goal of “Walking In Faith The E.P.”. In today’s gritty rap industry, it is difficult to find artists who are profound, honest, and interesting. B.D.Kold is as such throughout this record.

it’s hard not to connect with B.D.Kold as a person when listening to his music.


Every song makes you think. The lyrics and meaning are the focus, but B.D.Kold doesn’t sacrifice sound in the process.

brandon Dwayne Stovall
20705 Benton lane
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