Inotech3d ~ More Than Human…Hip-Hop Beats & Instrumentals for the Serious Music Artist

Inotech3d ~ More Than Human…Hip-Hop Beats & Instrumentals for the Serious Music Artist


Gardiner, Maine — March 24, 2018 — InoTech3D was born in 1980 with an amazing artistic ability. As a child he was always drawing, he spent a lot of time writing and taking apart his electronics, but music, music has always been his go-to thing, his intense love, and passion!

This new rising talent’s style may be controversial to some; however, no one can argue the fact that his authenticity is uncompromising! INOTECH3D will forever deliver perfect, pavement-crushing compositions again and again! INOTECH3D beats will immediately speak for themselves!

“I believe in, and desire, constant innovation whether it be with my equipment, my production/beat making techniques, or my everyday life. I chase innovation with a passion and take joy in the fact that I am different. I believe that music is much more than sounds, hip-hop speaks to me in ways I can not explain, but I do understand the feeling it provides. It is my purpose to provide the best music/beats I possibly can because I like the thought that my music can make someone else feel incredible, invigorated, and ready to tackle anything! In my opinion, this can only be achieved through constant learning and application of new ideas, as well as the ability to work and think “Outside the box”.”

Everyone always asks what the name INOTECH3D stands for…

INOTECH3D – The “INO” is for INNOVATION OR INNOVATIVE – “TECH” is for TECHNOLOGY, technology will save us as a species – “3D” because he is REAL!

InoTech3D may be new to the music scene, but his soul is a pure hip-hop, and when you listen to one of his instrumentals you would swear he is a seasoned pro! They say some people are born for a purpose, InoTech3D’s purpose is obvious, he is going to turn the genre of Hip Hop on its head while producing hard-hitting, 808 heavy, melodic, trance-inducing tracks!

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