Inferno King Turn’s Tragedy Into An Art Form.


Austin, Tx — April 1, 2018 — When dealing with a condition such a witnessing tragedy it could be very complicated to feel understood. Most people resort to drinking, doing drugs or violence to cope with the trauma. In this case, channeling emotions through music was the remedy.

Inferno King started music in early 2000 with his brother Charles. Due to the tragedy of his brother he struggled to find a way to cope with his death. Even he was there to witness such a horrible thing. Watching his brother so-called best friend pull the trigger on the one person he loves most.

Inferno King has found a way to channel his pain and turn it into something positive.By starting music with his brother then losing him to such senseless violence motivated him to make music even more. Some would call it turning tragedy into an art form. Inferno King is here to show many people the wonderful power of music when using it correctly.

In many ways, a personal testimony or message can save someone’s life. Music saved his life. It can do the same for others. Making the world a better, and brighter place.

After listening to any song by Inferno King the music speaks for itself.


It’s easier said than done, but this artist is one of a kind. Even though the darkest days he managed to maintain a positive face, and voice for generations to come.

Inferno King
Daunchey Newsome
3710 Crownover St. Austin, Tx 78725
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