Hawthorne, California – The influences of the Temptations, James Brown, Joan Jett, Jodeci, and many more can describe the sounds of his music: universal. Wood is not just a product of this generation’s sound, but he is the ultimate result of the great influences before him. If you’re dancing to his “Friday Night”, and slow it down in your car on the way home with “My Love”, then you’re not only listening to the right track, but you as many of his music fans, are on it.

Like the ones mentioned above, Wood’s collective singles demonstrate beyond your average new artist, his ability to mix his lyrics, music, and voice to create the latest top chart hit. He doesn’t wait for a producer or songwriter to feed him ideas; he produces the music and words himself because the music can’t wait. Wood’s latest invention, “Ego Trip” reminds you of the swag of TLC unleashing his energetic explosion through the sounds of rock. As the story goes on about Wood, you can pretty much gather that there are no limits to this guy.

Born in Chicago, IL, but raised in Hawthorne, CA, Sherwood James Dixson III grew up within a household embellished with the musical influence of his Dad’s natural singing abilities. Dealing with his father’s constant play of Earth, Wind, & Fire, Parliament, and The Ohio Players, it’s no wonder that “Wood” upholds an appreciation for the old school sound. Not too surprised, Wood, even as a young boy and still to this day, couldn’t help but enjoy watching the performances of The Jackson 5. Growing up playing basketball from age 11 all the way through high school, you wouldn’t even have guessed that music was in his DNA. But it was after age 21 that all those karaoke nights that he enjoyed performing in on the Hermosa Beach scene in Cali, that Wood’s musical spirit broke free.

When you listen to his music, songs like “Stare” also reveal the vulnerability that people, particularly men, go through in their everyday lives. It is no question that Wood isn’t afraid to not only express his radical side, like in “Go Crazy”, but he can also tell us easily through a song that his world can shift just by the looks of a woman. In all, the mastermind of Wood’s creativity hits the hearts and rhythmic bones of music lovers around the world, as he has his songs playing on the Internet in such countries as Japan and Australia. Bottom-line, you cannot deny the Wood.

For more information, please visit https://soundcloud.com/wood2334


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