“If its Love” makes one year since Release



New York City, New York, United States — June 18, 2017 — July 2017 marks one year since Sirius Sun released the LP “If Its Love” which has made waves in Asia and Europe.

with hits such as “your love is disco” and the album titled track “If Its Love”, fans allover the world are asking for more. Sirius Sun would Love to share this milestone with the rest of the world.

While currently working on a new LP, Sirius Sun would love to express her gratitude to all her fans and listeners who have made possible the success of the Artist’s last LP release- If Its Love. It fills the artist’s heart with warmth to know the album received such a great reception from fans.

As a sign of gratitude, Sirius Sun will be giving away one track from the album as a free download which will be a fan exclusive and only available on her Reverb Nation page. For the month of June through July, “If Its Love” the track will be up for grabs as a fan exclusive.

June marks one year since the release of Sirius Sun’s “If Its Love” LP and as gratitude and to show fan appreciation, she is giving away free download of the album titled track “If Its Love” on her Reverb Nation page as a fan exclusive gift.

Download Free MP3 here.


Sirius Sun
Adia Rothschild
New york City, New York, United States
Press Kit: http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/adia1



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