“I feel like Eminem…..” Says Paragon Rico.

“I feel like Eminem…..” Says Paragon Rico.

“I feel like Eminem before he was discovered like yo I’m to sick to be sitting here unsigned but, you know out of a million people there will always be that one that does things differently and better.  I am that 1 in a million” says Paragon Rico when asked what makes him different then other artist.  

Writing rap lyrics since the age on 12, Paragon used the former name Puerto Rico ,which he released his first mixtape under. In 2008, a 24 track mixtape titled Mixtape Monopoly was the first project he released to the public. He was still developing a sound at this time yet was already making an impact in his community being one of the youngest artist to release such a project. At 19, Paragon Rico went to prison and was released at 21 on Sept. 14th 2012. By this time he had changed his name and found a new love for his music.

Determined to succeed he releases a new mixtape titled The Confiscation in Nov. of 2012, only 2 months after his release which was followed immediately by The Harvest, a joint mixtape with another local Vegas artist named Jay Cash.   The Harvest did not live up to the standards set by The Confiscation. Although the songs were great, The quality of the audio was the posion in this case, so Paragon reset the standards by dropping his most recent mixtape titled Hidden Agenda which was released june 1st of 2014. The Hidden Agenda has gotten him a lot of attention and the people of his past are beginning to see he is here to stay.

With the release of his singles “Riding Thru The Veg”, “Here I Am”, and “Does Life Go On (ft Clue The Nemesis) he has regained that feeling that was almost lost at one point. That feeling of eagerness to succeed. 3 Videos were made for songs off of the Hidden Agenda and can be seen on youtube. As of recently Paragon has multiple projects in the works including: Zero Gravity a joint EP with local Vegas artist Mando The Rapper, produced by Foe5 beats, A joint Album titled Respect Existence or Expect Resistance with local hiphop artist Clue The Nemesis, and another mixtape of his own titled Act Like You Know. Paragon Rico assures his liseners that his mixtape Act Like You Know will be his greatest work yet.  Paragon says “Act Like You Know is my favorite project in the works right now and everyone will see why I’m better then most with my consistency and my ability to follow up with such good work.”


Contact: Alfred Castro aka Paragon Rico (HipHop/Rap Artist)
Phone : (702) 912-0587, (702) 582-2413
Email : pricokills@gmail.com

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