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EVERETT, WA – Rebel Gang Music Group or RGMG is a label based out of Everett, and created and founded by Nathaniel “Reaper” O’Rear & Mitchell “Loki” Scott. RGMG is starting to house the hottest and talented artists from the northwest, and gaining more submissions from talent worldwide who wants to join the label. As an indie label, RGMG is creeping unto the music scene with support from some good friends in the music industry. RGMG is on the verge of becoming the newest upcoming camp, like the new Young Money, Maybach Music Group, or Grand Hustle; this is a label that means to raise.
RGMG is a label that represents the true empowerment of whst freedom fighters is. With artists from different backgrounds, but with the same goals is what makes this camp 10 years ahead of the competition, bringing modern sounds of todays music with a twist of rebellionous added to the mix. Even though the label is all about speaking out and make good music while doing so, RGMG still doesn’t forget where they come from. They still represent for their home area, and their community. Hosting fundraising concerts for charitable causes, fun events for children, and even working on upcoming benefit events with people in the industry; RGMG is about standing up & being THE voice for the general public. The camp has plant their foot in the mold to be considered and accepted by their peers in the music industry, to be able to do their part in the world to change it. RGMG has always been about helping other artists get their opportunity to be able to reach out to the label execs & scouts of the industry. Linking with names like The Levert & The DeBarge family, Firstborn of D12, Adam Beanie(promoter of MMG), Lil B of The Pack, Souljaboy, and others; RGMG has taken their connects, and shares them with label mates, or any undiscovered talent thats looking for their one shot. Creating this merger between local MC’s with Majors, makes dreams possible for everyone with the skill and mind set to want to succeed in the music world. Rebel Gang Music Group(RGMG) has made themselves a respectable label, with continuing growing fans worldwide, RGMG is setting milestones with being featured on online radio stations(e.g., online magazine(, different websites, artist spotlight in Artispr, constant email from promoters, agents, and label execs; a label that is gaining attention from the industry says a lot about how this compant handles their business. Listening to their sounds says a lot also about how talented this camp is. Housing different sounds, from different genres, is what makes this label like no other local label. Bringing you tracks like the hype anthem of “Tryna Do It Like Me”, “My Otha Bitch”,  “On That Bull****”, to motivating music such as, “No Way”, “Ghost”, and “Just A Dream”, and Stoner melodies of, “R.O.L.O.” & R.O.L.O. thePreRoll(Remix)”; RGMG is slowly becoming a part of people’s everyday music regimen.
The artists that orignated the label, all derived from Everett, WA; a port city on the northern outskirts of Seattle, WA. The label’s co-founder, Nathaniel O’Rear aka Reaper, was born from Detroit, but finished growing up in a small country town of Linden, AL; grew up from a musical-talented family like: Gerald Levert(cousin) and El Debarge(uncle), and later move out to Washington state to meet up with his new best friend/brother, co-founder, Mitchell Scott aka Loki. Later after collading with the interest in music, they would start a RebelNation and call it Rebel Gang Music Group, not to be confused with the rap group Rebel Gang, RGMG is introducing a camp that actually grew up as rebels, so they aren’t just portraying, but actually unleash their RebeLife to the masses that expresses their view, and now RGMG is making their statements to the industry’s doorstep. A camp as these underdogs deserve their shot at success, they’re showing true examples of it. With really close to nothing, this camp is making moves, and are gaining followers daily. With industry friends supporting their movement, RGMG is rising, as the demons that they are.
You can hear this camp on,,, Reverbnation, and etc. Empire State Mixtape A&R claimed “You obviously have talent”, Producer of tv show America’s Got Talent says, “You are no amature..!” This label houses talent, and its time for them to be recogonized.

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“No Way”
Directed By: Nick Nakis


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