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TACOMA, WASHINGTON – “Maybe this is my dream come true”, says Premier as he is getting ready for a show at a local club in Greenville s.c. “I been through so much in my life, from real live bumper to bumper gang banging,dam near a decade lock down in Washington state d.o.c and a childhood friend tried to take my life and rob me.I’m so blessed to be here today, I almost bleed to death, the boy hit me with a sock full of rocks and busted my artery in my temple, yeah almost bleed to death, but im here for a reason , I got a gift, I do this rap thang all day.Right now im doing what I know I could always do and that’s to tell the true stoy about a young man from around the hood who made good with his talent.My record so messed up , really all I got is my flow to sustain life it feels like. Life is so real right now for your boy, but I believe i’m about to really shine like never before”. Premier is doing good numbers on his page, page,and also on he is getting his props