*HOT!!!!* Maverick releases epic debut EP “Prosperous Psyche”

*HOT!!!!* Maverick releases epic debut EP “Prosperous Psyche”


“Prosperous Psyche”, EP Launch 2015 


Atlanta, GA – This year Maverick is rapidly becoming a popular artist, and is happy to announce the release of his debut EP entitled Prosperous Psyche. This EP pushes the bar creatively and lyrically with a new sound introduction into the world of music.

Maverick is a twenty four year old music artist born in Harlem, but grew up in Atlanta. He is really a talented individual. He believes in the power of music to inspire and motivate individuals. He also believes that music can keep the world turning in a positive way. Everyone can relate to at least one if not all tracks on the EP.

Maverick provides Worldwide Mixtapes his primary visual of his debut video and single entitled On the Move. Maverick pushes the bar creatively with superb and unique wordplay as well as motivation mixed with a remarkable trippy video which really provides something different to music and listeners as well. Maverick is quickly making a buzz in the world of internet by self promotion as well as astounding cool but diverse music.  This talented music artist is next up for the big leagues.

This debut extended play is mixed with smooth hard hitting verses that talks about progressing and developing in life in various areas. This EP also talks about the significance and importance of having a positive outlook on life and having the strength and power to reach your objectives and goals in every area. Each track on Prosperous Psyche delivers a diverse one of a kind sound which suites the ears of every listener.  This exceptional EP motivates the listener to move forward and become successful in life.

“Maverick is indeed one of the great rising artists in the new generation of music. What we like about this man is that he delivers intensively original and personal songs that have a lasting impression on your emotions when listening. His debut EP Prosperous Psyche is surely loved by music fans. This is not an ordinary project, it conveys messages to listeners to become a higher level thinker and become successful in life. I and on the behalf of my friends highly recommend this EP” music lovers of Hip-Hop, R&B and everything in between.

About Maverick

Maverick is a poetic global music artist. A large majority of his influences comes from dark as well as life changing cases in life. Motivation as well as spiritual like street knowledge is one of Maverick’s main subjects in his music. He anticipates flourishing the whole world by his positive and motivating music.

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