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Contact: Fallon McClain
Phone: 228-222-0975
Email: nexlevelentertainment@hotmail.com

To maximize the persuasive effect of an ad campaign, and deliver on product value, takes a certain Mastery of Skill, such as Deitrich McClain has demonstrated. This can only come from extensive experience in all phases of Integrated Entertainment Marketing and Media Communications. “My job descriptions included Creating/Developing/ and Implementing the Marketing and Promotion mix, with integrated communications incorporated, to target consumer characteristics. Knowing our customers motivations and areas of highest satisfaction has really allowed us to optimize how our customer experiences going to the Nex.Level of Entertainment.

Mr. McClain began his professional music career in 1993, on Quincy Jones Jungle Records Imprint, under Mr. X and Big Black. The label soon after faced fall out from poor record sales before being able to complete a project. Heart broken but determined to work his self to stardom he continued working on his craft and landed a deal with Nex.Level Records Co-Founders Rigved “Da Frogg T. and Sheel M. after a live audition. In September 1999 while attending Paramount High in Long Beach California Deitrich McClain (as Young D. who would later be known as Lil Manche) went to work with Producer Da Frogg on the “We Want the Dobra Project. After a master piece of hits like “Let’s Get it On, “We Want the Dobra, “Make a Move, and”Bomback were created “Da Frogg and Sheel decided to pursue other interests and no longer felt compelled to pursue music commercially. They later signed over the rights to the Name and completed project.. “I changed the name to Nex.Level Entertainment, began learning everything I could about the business and ran with it every since, says Deitrich.

Mr. Deitrich McClain now runs his own recording studio and has produced several local hits, inclding “Bottoms Up / “Swag Song / and “Already which will be coming to everyone soon. He is what most would describe as a hands on consultant for lack of a better term. “I am ecstatic about joining the IMG Gulf Coast team as A & R. I know what it takes to capitalize a on marketing medium and I plan to capitalize on all available mediums for IMG Artists and Nex.Level Entertainment Clients with events like the Coast Colliseum AMS Music Conference. Deitrich’s resume credits include Mantra Films (Girls Gone Wild), Vision Studios, Coast Radio Group, Cat Productions, The Producers, Student Life, ASB Governing Board Member, Paralegal Professional Services, Island View Casino, Boomtown Casino, Jani King Hospitality, KCTY.ORG,, KLBC.ORG, AMP (Assoc. of Media Producers and Programmers) Gulf Coast Community Action Agency, Ms. Trained & Ready / Paxen, Twin Districts, South Ms. Planning and Development, Club Sinsations, Sports Pub, Sly Dawg Entertainment, Southenrgirlsmag.com, Prolific Studios, Club Characters, Bicycle Casino, Tropicana, Rhythm Lounge, Aladins Bar and Grille, Eddies Liqour Store, BET Coca Cola True Talent and more…Horace, Clarence, Deitrich and the whole IMG Team, they know what it takes and they have it!!!

Media, Music and Entertainment Professionals who Could Benefit from a Partnership Should contact Deitrich McClain immediately by email:




or call (228) 222-0975

www.facebook.com/lilmanchethacheif for music callaborations.