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Socratic is a seamless blend of charming, engaging lyrics, memorable melodies and clever arrangements, all bound together by a spirited Rock & Roll foundation. It balances limitless passion and musical precision to provide a thoughtful twist on life, love and contemporary culture.

Socratic has performed for audiences across the United States, Australia and Japan. The band first reached a national audience in 2005, when its first full-length album “Lunch for the Sky was released on Drive-Thru Records. John Goodmanson, whose resume includes artists such as Death Cab for Cutie and Nada Surf, produced the album. After releasing the five-track EP “Just Turn a year later, Socratic entered the studio with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, who produced the band’s second full-length album, “Spread the Rumors. Released in 2008, the album was met with critical acclaim, but the release was poorly timed, as Drive-Thru Records met its demise shortly after the album’s release.

With no financial assistance from a label, Socratic continued in unwavering fashion, entering the studio to fund and produce its third full-length album with its own resources. Though it took over two years, “Socratic (The Album) was released on January 10, 2012. Now, with a new album under its belt, Socratic continues to play vibrant live shows, write new material, and look to the future with a restored sense of optimism, anticipation and excitement.

Hometown – Linden, New Jersey
Label – Formerly Drive-Thru Records

About The Band
Socratic mixes clever witty lyrics, catchy spangled melodies, and engaging arrangements into a melting pot full of pop sensibility and rock & roll elements to deliver a unique and tasteful spin on a modern (and not so modern) culture.

In 2004 Socratic released their first full-length, Lunch for the Sky, in 2005. Lunch for the Sky was hailed as “Jimmy Eat World overdosed on Meatloaf” as per Alternative Press Magazine. The album was Produced by John Goodmanson (Nirvana, Owl City). On December 5th, 2006, a free 5-track EP entitled Just Turn was made available for download. Their second full length album entitled Spread The Rumors was produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink182 and hit the shelves May 6, 2008, featuring the song “Boy In A Magazine”. With the demise of Drive-Thru records it took Socratic over three years to write, fund, and record their next release entirely on their own. On January 10th, 2012 the band released their third self-titled LP Socratic [The Album].

“We’ve been in this band since we were 15. My biggest musical influences are these guys. We love to make music, and we’re not concerned about trying to fit in. We never fit in anyway.”
– Singer/Songwriter Duane Okun

Socratic has been to Japan and Australia as well as all across the United States and was a full-time touring act for 5 years up until the demise of their former label.

Socratic has played with the following artists:
Brand New, All American Rejects, Incubus, Boys Like Girls, Pete Yorn, Plain White Ts, The Offspring, MeWithoutYou, The Rocket Summer, Kevin Devine, Starting Line, Good Old War, Saves The Day, Ace Enders, Steel Train, All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, and the Teletubbies.

“If you buy this record and DON’T end up liking every single second of musical genius contained on it with every single fiber of your very being, I personally guarantee you that you have no taste in music.” – Mark Hoppus

“It’s hard to get sick of an album that puts me in such a good mood” – absolutepunk.net

“Everything is so sweet and melodic, listening to Socratic is like forgetting about your life and your problems” – altsounds.com

“Lunch For The Sky” (2005) LP
* Scanned 15,000 units domestically, with distribution in Japan, Australia, England, and online outlets.
* Surrounding release and subsequent year, several tracks featured on MTV’s lineup of reality television, including “The Real World”, “Pimp My Ride”, “MADE”, “The Hills”, etc.
* Song “Too Late Too Soon” featured in an episode of A&E’s “Dog The Bounty Hunter.”
* Song “U and Left Turns” featured in the major motion picture “Kids in America.”

“Just Turn” (2006) EP
* Self-produced and offered free online for download, with unique downloads near 50,000 to date.

“Spread The Rumors” (2008) LP
* Produced by Mark Hoppus (Blink-182, +44) in Hollywood, CA
* The release of SOCRATIC’S SPREAD THE RUMORS kicked off with a packed in-store performance and signing at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ.
The celebration continued on May 15th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ at the band’s over-sold CD release show with kids even being turned away at the door.
* Absolute Punk, May 2008 “one of the most enjoyable pop-rock albums released in 2008.”
* Music video for “Boy in a Magazine” featured on MusicChoice OnDemand as well as rotation on the “Alternative Rock” channel
* Has acquired over 200,000+ plays on youtube and mtv.com
* “Constant Apology” featured as opening song for the season finale on “The Real World: Hollywood.”
* Alternative Press, June 2008: “For those eyeing a pop-rock getaway that’s a bit more daring and exotic, Socratic just may be the golden ticket.”
* Australian release forthcoming on “Taperjean Records”
* On rotation nationwide in Hollister Stores

“Socratic The Album” (2012)
* Self-titled third full-length LP
* Released January 10, 2012
* Composed, arranged, produced, and recorded by Socratic
* Completely self-funded with no label or other outside support
* Mixed by Socratic & Chris Badami (Portrait Recording Studios)
* Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisc, NYC (Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstein, Steely Dan, John Mayer)
* Video for the band’s single “Curtain Call” has generated over 7,000 plays on youtube & vimeo

Music Video for “Curtain Call” off Socratic (The Album)

Live Performances & Additional Videos
Visit Youtube.com/SocraticVideos

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