The Poetic Motion of Gregory Leslie

The Poetic Motion of Gregory Leslie

Creating Powerful Compositions Down Under


Sydney, Australia – March 25, 2016 – The amount of talent residing in those who inhabit Australia. From the names we’ve come to know like Olivia Newton John and Keith Urban to up and comers like Gregory Leslie. He’s a man with a folk song in his heart and his heart on his sleeve, creating music that’s more like poetry and he’s ready to branch out and let the rest of the world hear what he has to offer.

Inspired by the likes of Daniel Johns and Bernard Fanning, Leslie started crafting his own sound and soon realized his attachment to words. With original melodies and lyrics he constructs on his own, it’s clear he has a knack for being a storyteller and will soon be on top sitting alongside the likes of Ed Sheeran and James Bay. Much like the aforementioned, he’s all about capturing the power of music while keeping things entertaining for all.

In the coming months Leslie will be learning the ropes of PR to promote get his music out to the masses, that’s including major artists. He also plans to spread his wings and perform around the world, creating not only music – but a lifelong career out of his craft.

Those interested in learning more about Gregory Leslie can check him out online.

Gregory Leslie is a folk singer who is more a modern day poet with a musical knack, and a gift for originality.

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