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Sheridan, OR — May 18, 2018 — Oregon Psychedelic Freak Gospel Rock is a bit of a tongue tier, but it suits the group, Good God Father, as well as a description. This band, fronted by, Sean Lewis (aka Swan), has been tearing across the digital music landscape with their steady and patient approach to content development. With the intent to release a full-length LP, they’re making the most of their budget to fundraise through the selling of Bandcamp Subscriptions, and online T-Shirt merchandise.

For people who love a good honest rock song, and love the world that can be created right along with it, Good God Father fuels a campaign that’s meant to be more than what music culture has amounted to in the modern era. It’s about forming transcendent connections to build and maintain a richness of life, and vibrant expressions that were beyond what anyone has yet asked for or imagined. And it’s all merely a click away across a litany of web platforms including, Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, Minds, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

Reverbnation has offered a strong base for the band to collect its efforts in fortifying their vision across the web. Songwriter, and Lead vocalist, Sean Lewis, says the band, “attempts to keep alive the long lost, and hidden art of communicating the stories and legacies of lives lived, and forgotten. Culture is important for regarding the memory of where we, as conscious beings, come from, and gives us the heading in the direction we’re inevitable to arrive at.”

Lewis continues to carry the band forward on his own, believing in the brand that stands out in front of the music. He’s taken his experience with past projects and centered his talents on modeling for the world around him a way not yet previously experienced, and the invitation remains extended for those who wish to join in that journey and watch that mystery unfold.

In the evolution of American music culture, and the phenomenon of the performing arts, and mass media dissemination, Good God Father, bring all the hype, the agenda, and the message back to the heart. Listening to the quiet still whisper of each person’s voice they are listening to when no one else is around to notice. They continue a search for those who are willing to overcome their concern of fear, doubt, and regret, to push past the feelings, and reach toward the eternal, through the use of tried and true methods that have enriched the human experience throughout history.

Join the team, form the vision, and subscribe to Good God Father on Bandcamp today, at


Good God Father is a Psychedelic Freak Gospel Rock act from Oregon. Guitar player and vocalist, Sean Lewis, formed this groups after putting years into many other music groups in the area, including Joshua Fire, Auburn, Glory Days of Primetime TV, and others.

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