Get Ready to Rock (UK) Review: JEERK


Liarra Bartlett

Get Ready to Rock (UK) Review: JEERK – Famous

Two Sides Moon ( Release Date – Out Now)

Sept 2, 2012–Jeerk from what I can gather are an all singing and all dancing crew from Sweden, although they currently reside stateside. The guys are musicians, tap dancers and rhythm artists and have the dubious claim of having been the half time entertainment at the 2006 Eurovision song contest.

Still with me? Hope you are because this record is a melodic rock classic. The guys have taken elements of various bands, Queen, Extreme, Journey, Cheap Trick , The Wildhearts, ELO to name but a few and mixed them up in their own way to create songs of the highest calibre. Blending melodies that keep you guessing where they will twist and turn next with killer choruses and tongue in cheek lyrics, these are well crafted tracks.

Opener ‘You Wait To Live Another Day’ is a good example starting off with some good guitar work, through some interesting note modulations, the requisite killer chorus and a keyboard solo with a Celtic edge, excellent stuff. The quality continues with ‘Famous’ which is a dig at reality TV and the ‘stars’ it churns out. This track is possibly the highlight of the disc with excellent harmonies, the Queen and ELO influences are strong in this one.

Other highlights include the ballad ‘Beautiful Tonight’ which builds to a HUGE chorus and ‘Get Out or Get It On’ which is an acoustic workout that Extreme would be proud of, there is even a bit of accordion on this one, but don’t let that put you off.

There are a couple of tracks that don’t quite reach the same high standards, in fact ‘ On My Own’ is so sickly sweet I could feel cavities appearing in my teeth as the track went on, but this is a minor gripe.

This is a fantastic album and one that surprised and impressed in equal measure. Jeerk may play it for laughs and give you a full audio/ visual show, but they have the songwriting abilities to back it up. If you like a bit of upbeat melodic rock that will get lodged in your head for days then treat yourself to a bit of Jeerk and don’t let the Eurovision link put you off …


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