From a Quiet Lakeside, Inspired Music Emerges

From a Quiet Lakeside, Inspired Music Emerges

Sheila Layter’s new song Nostalgia has just been released


Castel di Casio, Emilia Romagna, Italy – February 2nd, 2016 – Melodic arrangements, mixed with the support of veteran producer Marcello Schichilone in the comfort of a lakeside home is the forte of experienced singer-songwriter Sheila Layter.

“My work is exciting, fascinating, rewarding and most of all, creatively and spiritually fulfilling,” said Layter today. “My primary goal with my music is to recreate the emotions and feelings I have when composing and creating my music in others: to bring the quietness and beauty of the lakeside to even the busiest of people trapped in an urban jungle.”

Layter has been performing since 2003, starting in Europe’s dance clubs to the iconic music of the 60s, 70s and 80s rearranged for the dancefloor: and this musical legacy continued with Darling, recorded in both English and Japanese for record label UOTTA.

Now working through her own record label, Empire of Music, Layter’s focus is on providing listeners with a peaceful, yet emotionally charged music that provides a sense of epicness.

Contact: Empire of Music
Tel: +39 3460361202




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