Finally What We’ve All Been Waiting For From An Unsigned Artist Breaking Barriers With Industry-leading Visions


Miami Fl USA — August 19, 2018 — Business Minded Artist Will Survive in this day & age and this guy seems to have that understood. With rising numbers on all digital radio and streaming platforms plus having his entire catalog self-written and licensed by BMI . Never been signed to any major or independent labels not to mention he’s been in a few meetings.

The most efficient data shows via Spotify iTunes & Google play for him. Because as far as his fan base & targeted demographic may show his core fanbase down south, there seems to be a good global marketing strategy behind this guy. As for all unsigned artist in 2018 having your business in great shape will get u closer than your music. There’s an old saying a good businessman can sell anything, now think about that for a sec.

“JmuhFu**n spook” is only one of the catchy lines he uses to keep fans listening but also being open & available to all of the information they share with him about his music. He has more of a southern style of rap so of course, the demographic & fan base is corely the south, he has managed to make a nice global impact reaching fans in different countries such as the U.K. Canada

This industry can be tough be he never gave up just like a lot of artists have to learn & study. This can be a rough music industry if you focus only on the music side of things. Its called the music BUSINESS and so for a young guy, very humble and hungry to have all those things intact early on is a win and should also be for a lot of artists.



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