F.O.S Aka Futuristic Old School Is Of The New, But Molded By The Past.

F.O.S Aka Futuristic Old School Is Of The New, But Molded By The Past.


San Francisco, CA — April 13, 2017 — This press release is to introduce F.O.S as a new hip-hop group for todays music market. F.O.S Aka Futuristic Old School is a group consisting of two artist that banded together to create music for today’s music consumer while being rooted in the past. F.O.S aka Futuristic Old School is of the new, but molded by the past. The group consists of rapper/producer “Slapp Turner” and rapper “Mad Hatter”. Both artist are from the San Francisco Bay Area, but currently reside in New Mexico and Washington state.
Most interestingly, neither artist have yet to met each other face to face. They were introduced through a mutual friend/artist, but they decided to encompass that old school hip-hop spirit and transcend that with elements of today’s vibe.

F.O.S is a hip-hop group that blends hip-hop and R&B vocals and sounds to create a commercially acceptable style of music. F.O.S is dedicated to building a music brand that encompasses all types of listener from around the world. F.O.S can be found at most digital music stores as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. F.O.S can also be found at www.futuristicoldschool.com.

F.O.S received an “Above Average” for our lead single, “For the Love” here a just a couple of the awesome positive feed back for this track.

1. Nice old school hip hop sound. solid good technique and style. fast and easy to understand.
very good lyrics. very catchy tune and toe tapping beats. beats go amazing with the rap
tempo. song is very in sync in every manner. I would give this song 10 out of 10.

2. I love the vibe with this song. It has a party jam tune written all over it. The beautiful melodies
are a wonderful feel and the rappers echo every word with such passion. I believe this song
possesses a get up on your feet ability.

In conclusion F.O.S Aka Futuristic Old School is a group consisting of two artist that came together through the power of music for create a movement that will bring back the incredible feeling of old school hip-hop while being grounded in today hip-hop.

To Purchase the album and learn more about F.O.S please visit our website www.futuristicoldschool.com or message me at the F.O.S Facebook Fan Page @FuturisticoldschoolFOS if you are interested in reviewing the album please contact me on the website and I will send you a free download of the album.


As individual artists Slapp Turner and I worked with a few mutual Hip-hop artist from San Francisco. One artist in particular was the one degree of separation between the two of us. After purchasing a couple of tracks from Slapp Turner a friendship blossomed through a mutual respect for hip-hop music and each other as artist. We decided one day that we would join forces and create a movement in hip-hop to create fresh new music rooted in the four element of hip-hop, MC, DJ, Graffiti and Breakdancing. 2016 was an amazing journey of ideas and music that was literally born in a digital world as Slapp Turner and I do not live in the same state and have not yet met in person. This is what makes this project so special. It is a testament to the true nature of what makes music live, breathe and take form. The very human connection that can be felt through the art of two people who have not even met physical.

Jason Cadena
7300 Breckenridge Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
Press Kit: http://www.artistpr.com/members/http://www.artistpr.com/members/F.O.S/


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