Electronic/ Hip Hop’s All Girl Band, Fly Society, Announces The Drop Of Their Hot New Single!

Electronic/ Hip Hop’s All Girl Band, Fly Society, Announces The Drop Of Their Hot New Single!

Contact: Julez Perez
Phone: 954-372-7330
Email: flysocietyband@gmail.com

Miami, FL- The highly anticipated single of Miami’s new Electronic /Hip Hop band named Fly Society has announced their release. The band is set to drop their single named “Fly” January 2015. Fly Society will be debuting their hot new single during their December shows to give their fans a taste of their upcoming flavor. Please visit Fly Society on the web! don’t forget to hastag #flysocietyband for a chance to win a free download of their hot new single “Fly”!

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About FLY SOCIETY: An all female American EDM/Hip Hop group based out of Miami, FL. Group members are Carmen Skyy (vocals) and Wolfie (vocals and guitars).Fly Society’s mission is to bring a new experience to listeners by merging soulful cultures together as one. Blazing a trail on a new frontier of live rock guitar sounds mixed with the rapidly growing electronica/hip hop generation. A ground shaking experience for all listeners and a sense of pride in particular for the female music buyer.

This joint venture has captured the ears and attention of the ever evolving pop generation creating quite a buzz. FLY SOCIETY is currently preparing to drop their highly anticipated single “Fly” Winter of 2015 while continuing promotions and touring through out.

About Carmen Skyy: A smorgasbord of cultural diversity, Carmen Skyy’s Venezuelan-Haitian- American mix is the most important element in the music she creates. As a vocalist, songwriter, and former radio personality, her passion for life and wide-ranging musical influences such as Calvin Harris, Lauryn Hill, and Michael Jackson shine through in her lyrical expression. Carmen Skyy is a beacon of melodic hope who sends rhythmic shockwaves through all who experience her sound. Her contagious fusion of electronic hip-hop and pop are currently being played on various radio stations throughout the country.
In addition, Carmen’s music has also been placed on soundtracks and other media including the film “Brother’s Gonna work It Out”, MTV’s “The Real World” and a “Starburst Fruit Chews” radio commercial.

Currently, piggy backing off her current EP, Carmen Skyy has joined forces with vocalist and guitarist
Wolfie to from the group named “Fly Society”. Since then, the anticipation has risen and is continuously
spreading to find inquisitive ears that seek high energy musicianship and well written measures.

Carmen Skyy’s self-titled EP is now available via iTunes/ Google Play/ Amazon/ XBox Music and more

About Wolfie: Lead Guitar/Vocalist, Michelle “Wolfie” Wolf plays melodies and song styles that take on an interesting twist with sounds of hard rock, blues, funky slap groove, punk and pop.

Michelle Wolf, singer- songwriter/guitarist, performed in the New York area as both a solo artist and with groups. In early 2001, she led a rock power trio with a diverse musical style that would fit the bill with artists such as the Black Crowes, Buck Cherry and Aerosmith. Some past performances include Tobacco
Road, NYC, Elbow Room, NYC, Meow Mix, NYC, Baggot Inn, NYC From 2005 to 2013 she has been working
as a full time musician in the New York/New Jersey cover scene.

Currently Michelle Wolf has relocated to South Florida to continue working as a musician and joined forces with Carmen Skyy to put together a new collaboration of sound with their group “Fly Society”. This combination consists of a style mixing of club world Electronic Dance Music sounds met with Rock n’ Roll stadium style, Marshall stack guitar licks.

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