Classic Hard Rock Will Never Die – Just Gets Better And Better!


Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States of America – April 14th, 2014 – Are you ready for the Electric Revolution? 70’s rock, as typified by Deep Purple, Black Crows, Led Zeppelin and Rush never left, and Electric Revolution is now holding the flame up high. As the band says, “What’s special about this, is that we’re writing and playing what’s natural to us. Growing up with all these awesome bands, what other genre would we ever want to play?”


Electric Revolution

Electric Revolution

The trio comprises of three men. Billie Pulera (drums, vocals) and Stevie Crucianelli (bass, vocals) have been working in multiple bands since rock’s heyday in the 1970s. For Electric Revolution, they’ve teamed up with Joe Gajan (guitars) to make this trio complete. The group composes the music together with Crucianelli and Pulera writing the lyrics.


Crucianelli and Pulera worked with the bands Nick Fury and Brother 6, before splitting up in 2003. Pulera went on to play with other local Wisconsinite bands and Crucianelli worked with Kenny Olsen of Kid Rock in Nashville, with Toby Wright as producer.


Gajan first picked up a guitar at the age of nine — and never looked back. He has played with acts including Dr John and the Outlaws, and recorded his own album Supermatic with Jimmy Erhardt and Dave Moran.


Electric Revolution’s self-titled EP, Electric Revolution has been described as “a rocker’s dream come true“. It’s not hard to see why, with hard and heavy rock beating down with each track, compelling listeners to get their rock on. The EP is available on all good stores, including iTunes and Amazon, priced from $5.94.


There’s no rest for the wicked, and following the success of the Electric Revolution EP the band are already working on new songs for an album coming soon. In the meantime, fans can find them playing at various venues throughout summer 2014 starting with a show at Club Garibaldi, Milwaukee, WI on May 2nd.


Check out the band’s debut EP on their website http://www.electricrevolution.net now, and get ready to rock!


About Electric Revolution

The Revolution starts in 2014! Featuring the talents of Crucianelli, Gajan and Pulera, the three-piece power group takes the best of classic rock and adds a whole new dimension for a rockin’ good time. Deep, dirty and soulful blues based rock is the name of the game. For more information, visit Electric Revolution’s website today.


Website: http://www.electricrevolution.net

Facebook: http:///www.facebook.com/electricrevolution


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