Introducing Ebonyy

Introducing Ebonyy

New Artist Available For Interviews and Performances


Baltimore, Maryland – October 20, 2017 – Growing up in the church, Ebonyy soon found her voice in between those faith-filled walls. It was in the church choir that she focused on her vocals, prepared them for what was to come. She didn’t know when but she waited until the time was right. Now is that time.

While she got her start singing gospel, she’s a new artist with a blank slate. She notes, “I do a little bit of everything. My music is just that…mine. My life experiences, my thoughts, my opinions, my views. Nothing more, nothing less.” Right now all her music remains in notebooks as she took to poetry.

Now she is ready to get her name and voice out there. She’s working around the clock to push the tracks out so people can finally hear what those in her church have heard for years; pure talent.

Those interested in speaking or working with Ebonyy can get in touch via the information provided below.


Ebonyy is a new versatile artist out of Maryland.

TNB Records
Ebony Satterfield


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