‘Earthworm 4’ Delivers New Beats with an Old Jazz Feel



Manchester, New Jersey — May 24, 2016 — Earthworm is back to the basics with hot beats that combine funk and hip hop grooves with smooth jazz on his latest, Earthworm 4. Whether listeners are working out or on the go, this is music for every part of the day. There is no cursing and nobody is screaming what the songs about. It’s easygoing music for the easygoing listener.

Earthworm noticed how much his fans loved his fusion of funk with modern sounds, so he continued to take note, saying of his new music, “This is the first journey into jazz or acid jazz if you will. But there is still funk and it will definitely move you.”

Taking music back and building grooves is the mission. He believes music has gotten to be a little x-rated and wanted to give audiences something more pure to enjoy. He wanted to shine a light on music that showcased raw talent in the instrumental department and that’s just what he has done as his main objective of his latest release was to get people moving again; whatever the occasion calls for.

Those interested in hearing more from Earthworm can check out Earthworm 4 on CDBaby.


While funk and rock have been the staples of Earthworm’s sound for years, he decided to dabble with jazz on his latest release, Earthworm 4.

Alan H. Bone

CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/earthworm1

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