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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – D/Will concludes his TSAF (The Silenced and Forgotten) mini-series with a stirring episode, “More Than a Sole,” tackling murders and robberies over kicks. In addition to that, the soulful and gritty Midwest producer releases the full set of audio adventures. TSAF: Complete First Season

Too often television viewers around the world are spurned away from creative genius. A bevy of sitcoms are struck with the proverbial death blow before their writers and cast have a chance to blossom. Among these short lived shows, there are still a few that defy the odds and are reborn into infamy.

And then there’s the never-aired-before but widely acclaimed, “TSAF: The Silenced And Forgotten.” Having quickly developed a rising cult following online, the series will be released as a box set covering the lone lost mini-season. All four episodes plus the deleted scenes are available to stream or fans can buy the set for $2.99.

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TSAF Complete FIRST Season

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