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Press Release
April 8, 2013

Dark Seas and Midnight Records Productions are pleased to announce the release of HAWKES COURT, a 7 song album of original, contemporary “garage rock. The songs were recorded at Midnight Records Productions, the recording arts program of the Utah Arts Alliance, a 501c3 not-for-profit arts organization. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Terrance DH, DH Audio Services, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Dark Seas began as a four piece Joy Division cover band in a basement late 2010, with original members Kyle Wilcox on vocals, Diego Mijares on guitar, Irvin Martinez on bass and Rhett Hansen on drums. After a handful of shows playing Joy Division cover songs, they began to write their own music and shortly after went on tour with local Salt Lake City favorites, Max Pain and the Groovies.
Upon return, they began to record their first demo, self titled Dark Seas, at Midnight Records with Kent Rigby. They also added two more members and began to grow in force and sound in Salt Lake City, playing with bands like Sleepy Sunns, The Entrance Band and The St. James Society. They also went on another tour with Max Pain and the Groovies as well as spaghetti western pioneers, Spindrift. In 2012, the band decided to take a break after a year and a half of nonstop playing and touring.
After a nine month hiatus, the original four members got back together as well as adding long time friend and guitarist, Colton Erickson, to begin making new music as well as recording a new album with a brand new sound. With Dark Seas now back and better than ever, they are planning a move to California and cross country tours in June and September.
Dark Seas has signed a recording and CD distribution contract with Midnight Records Productions in support of the new album. You can follow them on Twitter at @darkseasband, and find them and their music on Facebook at, facebook.com/darkseas and on Reverbnation at, reverbnation.com/darkseas.

Dark Seas

The Dark Seas HAWKES COURT album includes the following songs:
1. It’s Alright.
2. Til the End of Time.
3. White Horse.
4. Cali Bud.
5. Desolation Road.
6. Kill Your Mind.
7. This Is Love.

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