‘Truprint’ Proves Hip-Hop Artist D-Edge Is Able To Stand Alone

‘Truprint’ Proves Hip-Hop Artist D-Edge Is Able To Stand Alone


Hollywood, CA – July 8, 2016 – “Blue Lobster a rare find, it’s nothing greater…” are the words D-Edge raps from his song “Blue Lobster” from his album The Trueprint in which the rapper deciphers the similarities between himself and the rare sea species. “For every two to three million red lobsters, you get one blue lobster,” said D-Edge, “When you find the rarest of something that’s great, some get it and some don’t understand it, but over time everybody wants it.”

D-Edge’s Trueprint is his first release in almost four years after departing from Freddie Gibb’s ESGN Record label. In October of 2015, he released the first single “The Gawd,” which was met with rave reviews and proved D-Edge could stand on his own as an artist. With other great offerings on the album like “SlowDoeLow,” “Masterclass” an,d “Dive,” D-Edge mixes a wide range of lyricism, truth and fun that’s just downright entertaining. “My Wins, My Losses” exposes a more vulnerable side that we never experienced from the artist, yet he does it very well. “Anytime I write music, it comes from an honest place and sometimes honesty can fuel many emotions,” says D-Edge.

D-Edge is noted for several classic hits with his longtime collaborator Freddie Gibbs like “How I Feel,” “All Types” and “Above All,” which he’s responsible for the production of all three songs and was featured on them as well. He was also featured on Gibbs’ “10 Packs of Backwoods” from his ESGN album. D-Edge doesn’t speak much about leaving Gibbs’ ESGN imprint, but would only offer that he enjoyed the run they had and was thankful for the opportunity, “I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work with Gibbs, DJ Roc and The Slam because it made me a better artist. I’m just the type of person that you have to keep it all on the table for me. Once I start seeing things go under the table, it’s time for me to move around.”

“Trueprint” was released under D-Edge’s own imprint Xsquisit Records which he released his other previous releases “Above All”, and “G-Kalaborationz 1& 2”. He says that he his currently working on “Truprint 2”, the follow up of his current release. With his previous success, D-Edge says that he’s here to stay. “I think I’ve proven that I deserve the accomplishments I’ve made thus far and look forward to taking it to the next level. I’m here to stay. Nothing but up from here”.

The Trueprint is available on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify and several other downloading and streaming outlets. For those who would like hard-copies of the album, shoot over to d-edgemuzik.com to order, which comes with a link for download so fans can still listen while they await their physical copy to arrive.


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