Cyb Vee Prove The “Future Is Now”

Cyb Vee Prove The “Future Is Now”

New Music Out Now And More To Come


Kennewick, Washington – April 6, 2018 – Fresh out of the gate with future of house music, it’s not a coincidence that Cyb Vee’s latest release is entitled “Future is Now.”

Cyb Vee started tinkering around with music when he was just a teen in 1999. Come his early 20’s he was ready to embark on his musical journey, releasing an album under the name Re:born. Since then he’s undergone a few transformations both in name and sound as the years have passed. In 2013 reality caused him to press pause on the music, but five years later he’s back and the evolution of his sound has brought him to the future. Brought him to Cyb Vee.

Always within the confines of electronic music, Cyb Vee entered 2018 as a producer focused on the future of the genre. “Future Is Now” leads the pack followed by “Lets Start” and “Never Forget.” Each represents the future of house music and where it can and will go thanks to artists like Cyb Vee. He notes of the lead single, “This single does represent that our future is now and we have to work hard to achieve our goals and dreams and no matter what life brings us, we must learn to get up and try again.”

Cyb Vee will continue progressing towards the future with his upcoming single, “Live Life.” Which will be out soon. Those interested in featuring any or all of Cyb Vee’s music on their site, playlist or shows, or interviewing Cyb Vee can get in touch via the information provided below.


Cyb Vee is an artist focusing on the future of house music with his latest release, “Future Is Now.”

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