CrossDriven- Fresh Talent


Contact: Leea Price
Phone: 9362228339

CROCKETT, TEXAS – CrossDriven. Exactly what it says. A group of passionate adults who want to share their love for God with the Christian music industry and travel the world being real about their beliefs and real about music ministry.

CrossDriven started when when the artists were young; even before they knew what God had in store for them. They were being molded and made into servants of Christ through music before they were even born.

God is the creator and master mind of all things. CrossDriven has been dreamt about and prophesied over. We know God’s will and we are pursuing it. If you don’t know what God can do… Let’s just put it this way. He can orchestrate the best musicians for His kingdom. That is exactly what has happened with CrossDriven.

We just put out our first single which was recorded at an outstanding studio in Tyler. Remember our name, because you will want to book us for your next Winter Jam or as an opening act for Skillet. God Bless.