Copper Bones Looks to Follow ‘Exhibit A’ with LP Vinyl Release

Copper Bones Looks to Follow ‘Exhibit A’ with LP Vinyl Release

Delivering Vinyl Rendition Soon


Orlando, Florida – August 1, 2016 – Not too long ago in June Copper Bones dropped Exhibit A via their own label, Yummy Records. With that came a handful of songs, but the duo wanted to do something more with it. Thus came the idea to release the vinyl version this August.

Before connecting as a duo Gregg Blachstein and Ryan Fleming guys spent time in another Orlando band, Peterbuilt but they soon found themselves working better as a duo and thus – Copper Bones was born. In between all of that, some may recognize Gregg from his appearance on Antiques Roadshow where he was told what he thought was an ancient marble yarmulke was just a plain old ashtray.

Luckily both men are better at making music than they are at spotting priceless items, and with that they provided all the music and lyrics on Exhibit A, which will also be released on vinyl, in limited edition black/orange splatter, in early August.. Ryan is the maestro with the pen as he writes all the lyrics on top of playing the bass, while his partner in crime takes on the percussion section. A setup similar to the likes of Royal Blood, Copper Bones is a spirited rock duo that draws comparisons to Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Clutch who’ve played in and around much of Florida including The Fest this fall, but plan on expanding in the New Year.

Those interested in hearing more from Copper Bones can check them out online.


Copper Bones is a rock duo comparable to Foo Fighters and Chevelle who dropped an LP in June, and will release the vinyl version this August.

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